PIA launches the biggest humanitarian mission in its history. The PIA is not only helping foreign diplomats and locals in evacuatiob from Kabul airport. Early in the morning PIA Cargo Flight landed in Mizar Sharif with WHO medical supplies.

CEO PIA- Arshad Malik said in his social media message that first ever humanitarian AID flight PIA B 777 Cargo flight operated to Mizar-i-Sharif to deliver essential medical supplies from WHO.

Earlier, Mansoor Ahmed Khan – Pakistan Ambassador to Afganistan said that a humanitarian air bridge is established to Afghanistan for essential supplies and emergency medical equipment with international NGOs. Thanks PIA

PIA has become the epicentre of evacuation operations in #Afghanistan. PIA has airlifted around 2000 people from Afghanistan including foreign diplomats, employees of internation organisations and local vulnerable familes.

PIA will provide air transportation for the operations and WHO will arrange logistics on the ground. In Afghanistan, where 18 million people depend on aid, trauma kits, emergency aid and drugs to treat chronic childhood malnutrition are the essential items that have been supplied by WHO to Afghanistan through PIA.

Thousands of Afghan and foreign nationals have fled the new Taliban regime, seeking asylum in various countries, including the United States and many European countries, causing complete turmoil in the country. Situation at Kabul airport is extremely bad as thousands of people have gathered with their families and children with no food and water. Its a complete chaos at the airport due to which many people have died, officials says.