On 16the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, another storm Ida hit Louisiana state in America with wind speed of more than 150 mph. In the video we can see how the strong wind blows off the roof of a hospital in Louisiana. US Met office said that the Hurricane Ida is much more powerful than Hurricane Katrina which battered the Gulf Coast 16 years ago.

With heavy rainfall and more than 150 mph wind speed, people in New Orleans, Louisiana and Bayou are trapped inside their attics due to heavy flooding. Schools, buildings and residential properties have been destroyed and shattered. 

Also the communication services are knocked off in these areas, carrying out the rescue operation to evacuate people is very difficult now due to the extremely dangerous weather conditions.  

Meteorologists and state officials have warned that Hurricane Ida, a rapid storm on its way to Louisiana, could be one of the most severe storms to hit the state for over a century.

Two people died due to the flood and strong wind caused by Hurricane Ida on monday, according to the Louisiana Department of Health. A man who tried to drive a car in the New Orleans flood drowned. Another victim was found on Sunday night after being crushed by a fallen tree.